INNOLIF Daily Facial Lifting Device (200.000 shots)


Συσκευή lifting προσώπου για καθημερινή χρήση.

Use INNOLIF every day for triple elasticity & triple lifting!

Compact device that fits in one hand
Triple elasticity (skin surface elasticity, internal skin elsticity, skin elasticity resilience)
Triple lifting (lifting for corner of the eyes, cheeks and corner of the mouth) improvement
More detailed treatment on the desired area with a pointed irradiation part.

Fine wrinkle care

Fine wrinkle concentration care for the troubled part,
including forehead, eye rims and near the mouth

Safe use

Auto Shot in contact with the skin and
Motion Sensing applied

Amazing treatment effect of HIFU

(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

HIFU treatment is a great effect on lifting, tightening and wrinkle improvement by irradiating ultrasound deep in the skin.

Safety verification

Strictly proven safety with KC, CE, RoHS, and SRRC certification


– Never apply ultrasound to the eyes (eyeball) or near the lips.
– Do not use on areas where filler or autologous fat transplantation has been performed.
– Use the ultrasonic moisture gel together.
– Use the device in close contact with the skin.
– Adjust the intensity according to the skin, and do not use on the same line repeatedly.


Size 75 x 75 x 83mm Rated voltage and power consumption 100-220V
Weight 220g (Cartridge included) Charge Smartphone 5 pin cable compatible
Button Power, operation button Certification KC, CE, RoHS, SRRC
Frequency 7.5 MHz Manufacturer, country of manufacture HIRONIC / KOREA
Depth of irradiation 2.5mm Quality assurance criteria Compensation based on consumer dispute resolution criteria